Bud Light Super Bowl Party House of Whatever

09 Jan EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Bud Light VP – “The Goal is To Be the Most Talked About Experience at the Super Bowl”

Alexander Lambrecht, vice president, Bud Light caught up with Super Sunday HQ to answer our questions about Bud Light's House of Whatever Super Bowl Parties in Arizona. HQ: From your standpoint, what can you tell people about the week-long festivities before...

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DirecTV Super Fan Festival Super Bowl Party

08 Jan DIRECTV Super Fan Tailgate Super Bowl Party

Before the Big Game on Sunday, Feb. 1, the First Annual DIRECTV Super Fan Tailgate, hosted by supermodel and television personality Chrissy Teigen and former NFL All-Pro, “NFL Today” analyst and television personality Tony Gonzalez, will be held at DIRECTV...

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