05 Feb (EXCLUSIVE) On the Fence for Leather and Laces? Emmanuelle Chriqui says “Do it!”

On the Fence for Leather and Laces? Emmanuelle Chriqui says “Do it!”




Leather & Laces is only a few hours away, and if you have yet to get your tickets, the Friday night host is telling you to get on it!

“Do it! Super Bowl happens once a year! If you’re on the fence, that means you have an inkling to do it. I’m on the mode of just saying yes these days, so I say yes!”

Chriqui is co-hosting tonight’s soiree with fellow Entourage star Jeremy Piven. The two have kept in touch, and Chriqui is looking forward to hanging out with her friend. She noted, “funny enough, we were both in Peru over the Christmas holidays! We didn’t know it at the time, but so I got to have dinner with him,” she said. “He’s just super friendly and such a fun guy. He’s a gracious, fun host, it should be a fun party!”

She is no stranger to the Super Bowl scene; this will be her third, and this time around, she’s so excited to host Leather & Laces. “You see a ton of people that you have no idea were in the town! The energy is running high, people are really excited. This is the most coveted week of the year for [some].”

This event will be one of the best of the weekend, and everyone will be dressed to impress. For Chriqri, who usually goes a little more understated with her fashion choices, this will be a little extra special. “I was looking at the photos from last year and was like, okay, I understand, these are supermodels that have hosted this party in the past – every once in a while it’s fun to get gussied up!” she said.

For those who will be enjoying the festivities tonight, Chriqri suggests one do, and do not. The don’t? ” Rule of thumb for me, don’t get so hammered that you’re stumbling out of the place that it just wrecks the rest of your weekend.” Solid advice.

The Do? “Hang out with your friends, have a couple of drinks, dance as much as you can and have a great time,” she said. “We’re all really lucky to be there!”

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