06 Feb (EXCLUSIVE) First Female NFL Coach Jen Welter Breaks Down Defenses With Brett Favre

(EXCLUSIVE) First Female NFL Coach Jen Welter Breaks Down Defenses With Brett Favre


Watch Jen Welter meet Brett Favre on the red carpet for the first time, ask him the question she’d most like to know! Super Sunday HQ was on the red carpet at the Legends of the Game Event featuring a Q&A with Brett Favre. After we heard what Welter had asked, she was able to meet him and give him a hug before getting some quarterback insight.

“What was the best key you ever picked up on a good defense?” she asked Favre. He answered that the hand signals from Brian Urlacher would tip him off, explaining what he could see ahead of time, whether it was ultimately successful or not.

“Now most of the time we never beat them, but at least I knew it was coming!” he joked. “As I got older, I was looking for it…the easy way to beat a defense. Who’s telling me something?”

“Quarterbacks have to see something that no one else sees, and react faster. He was absolutely one of the best minds in the game.” – Jen Welter on Brett Favre.

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