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09 Jan EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: Bud Light VP – “The Goal is To Be the Most Talked About Experience at the Super Bowl”

Alexander Lambrecht, vice president, Bud Light caught up with Super Sunday HQ to answer our questions about Bud Light’s House of Whatever Super Bowl Parties in Arizona.

HQ: From your standpoint, what can you tell people about the week-long festivities before the Super Bowl, and how they compare to other parties and events throughout the year?

VP: Bud Light is the Official Beer Sponsor of the NFL, so we’ve seen a lot of Super Bowl festivities over the years. The week leading up to and including Super Bowl weekend is unlike anything else. Football fans, celebrities and media all gather to experience some of the best parties and concerts of the year. This year, we wanted to bring consumers a new way to celebrate the Super Bowl that builds upon our successful “Perfect Beer for Whatever Happens” campaign, which we introduced at least year’s Super Bowl. As a continuation of that campaign and this summer’s epic Whatever, USA, we’re bringing Bud Light fans a completely new “Up For Whatever” experience at Super Bowl XLIX featuring three days of unforgettable parties, amazing concerts and unique activities. It’s called the Bud Light House of Whatever, and it’s going to be unlike anything seen at previous Super Bowls.

We just saw the official recap video of Whatever, USA in Colorado. What an incredible experience you gave those partygoers. How will Bud Light House of Whatever be the same, and how will it be different from the one last summer?

We saw a lot of success with this summer’s Whatever, USA, and are excited to bring consumers even more epic “Whatever”-style experiences at Bud Light House of Whatever. The look and feel of Bud Light House of Whatever will be completely new and different than consumers experienced at Whatever, USA, but the spirit of the event will remain the same with the goal of creating truly unique and unforgettable experiences for our fans. We want to be the most talked-about experience at Super Bowl XLIX.

We know attendees must be 21 and older, but what do you expect the demographics of this year’s crowd to be? Will you be targeting a certain age group, or is it completely random? What are you expecting as far as ratio from men to women?

With Bud Light House of Whatever, we’re looking to win with millennials by continuing to create unexpected, unforgettable and authentic experiences that only Bud Light can deliver. As for the ratio of men to women, we don’t have a specific target for that, but considering we’ll have several thousand people at Bud Light House of Whatever over the course of the weekend, it’s very likely to be an equal amount of men and women.

What are some examples of the kinds of experiences, aside from watching performances, that guests will have at this event?

We want Bud Light House of Whatever guests to be surprised, so we can’t reveal too much. What I can say is that Bud Light House of Whatever attendees should expect the unexpected. If you’re truly “Up for Whatever,” I can promise that you are going to have a great time.

We remember seeing Paul McCartney & several other celebrities enjoying the festivities at past Bud Light Hotels. It appears Bud Light House of Whatever is more geared to unique experiences for guests rather than celebrity watching. Is that a fair take? Will we still see the same amount of big celebrities hanging out somewhere at the parties?

Bud Light House of Whatever is definitely geared toward providing consumers with an epic experience, featuring three days of unforgettable parties, amazing concerts and unique activities. And while I can’t name any names, there will be celebrities who are “Up For Whatever” at Bud Light House of Whatever.

We HAD to create our mobile app and website, Super Sunday HQ, to help people navigate the hundreds of events at the Super Bowl and help them choose which ones to attend. What would you say to people right now, who are deciding on where to go and what to do?

If you’re looking for a truly unique and unforgettable experience over Super Bowl XLIX weekend, Bud Light House of Whatever is the perfect destination for you. I can guarantee it will be unlike any other party at Super Bowl XLIX. In fact, we think this is an event that’s unlike anything seen at any Super Bowl, ever. In contrast to most parties over Super Bowl weekend, you can’t buy tickets to Bud Light House of Whatever.

Instead, we’re inviting consumers 21 and older to submit 15-second video auditions for the chance to party at Bud Light House of Whatever. Consumers can submit creative videos demonstrating how they would live out the phrase presented on a Bud Light “Up For Whatever” bottle to Bud Light on Instagram using the hashtag #UpForWhatever. Find out more on BudLight.com


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